Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What my communications class has taught me about life

If you're not attractive, you're out of luck.
In relationships, jobs, you name it. The better looking person is always the winner. We watched this video on how equally qualified people but not equally good looking went for the same job. The attractive person overwhelming got the jobs over the "average" looking person. Now this seems obvious, if they are equally qualified, then there must be some deciding factor, soo... looks. I believe that if a less qualified, but more attractive person went for the job, they would win it over the less attractive, more qualified person.
Also, most jobs that need a face, like sales, marketing, etc. are going to be the better looking people. So if you're homely looking, go be a telemarketer or scientist or something. I think I would rather buy something I don't need from someone who looks like Dave Franco. Or James. Either one is fine.

If you want something you have to be assertive.
We should all be really direct so that we can communicate what we want to communicate. If you want to go on a date with someone you should just ask them instead of asking to borrow their pencil every day. If you want to have sex with them just ask them.

Why yes, yes I do, Dave.
Maybe this seems a little forward but I totally agree. The most annoying situation is when someone asks you to hang out. Like what does that mean??? Does this mean hang out or "hang out" Because sometimes I think hang out means hook up so I actually put makeup on and maybe even shave my legs but then I get there and they want to watch football and I mean that's cool I like football, but I fucking shaved my legs for you. ugh. And then sometimes I want to watch football but then all of a sudden the football on the tv isn't the only ball in front of your face. yikes. That's why people should just be clear so no one gets their hopes up or ends up in an awkward situation. Like I would rather awkwardly reject you now instead of walking all the way to your dorm and then having to leave. I'm too lazy for that shit.

People communicate because they want something from you.
Maybe they don't want like money or stuff from you but they want you to talk back to them, be their friend, get the fuck out of their life, bake cookies with them, etc. I think this pretty much sums up my texting life. But seriously, one of the things I hate is when I get a text that says, What's up. Like I will probably never respond to you if you send me that, or you will get some sort of crude or sarcastic response like, my dick or the ceiling. Also, "What's up" to me is just a sign that you are bored, you're a boring person, or you just don't know what else to say and therefore I really don't want to talk to you. Also, you will never get a "What's up" text from me, and if you do, that means someone took my phone. I think the only thing people want when they text that is the other person to respond so I guess you are giving them happiness, but I guess I'm a bitch and I don't want to give people happiness. I just feel like I'm being used to cure your boredom and I'm not about that life. For instance, I like to fill material needs vs. emotional needs like boredom. Why do I call my parents? (most of the time at least) So they'll send me care packages, pay for my plane ticket home, or not disown me.

We should all over think our interactions with people.
Because every nonverbal cue or interaction means something! What that is, well you'll have to figure that out yourself based on experience, cultural norms, your knowledge of the other person, etc. So say a guy gave you this look:

a)he was so shocked at your beauty he had to take a second look and clear his eyes.
b) your ugliness blinded him for 0.2 seconds so he had to refocus his vision.
c) he had something in his eyes like sparkles or pixi dust
d) he just woke up from a nap

That girl just touched your arm and batted her eyelashes. what does that mean??
a) she wants the D.
b) a guy she actually likes is nearby and she is trying to make him jealous.
c) her friend likes you and she is trying to get on your good side so she can set you guys up.
d) she is just a naturally flirty person and you're no one special.

I can't even include all of the things I've learned and I will probably learn more ridiculous things throughout the semester. Well, I've been writing this instead of looking at my notes so I hope it counts as studying for my test tomorrow.
Peace out, bitches.

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