Saturday, December 14, 2013

8 Gifts a Cat Lover Actually Wants

Does your mom, sister or friend love cats as much as I do? (If your friend is a boy, mind setting us up?) Then no worries, here are some catastic gifts!

These are gifts that, as a cat lover, someone would actually want. Unlike that buzzfeed article. Crafting with Cat Hair? Um no thanks that is weird as fuck.

I've even attached the links for your online shopping convenience!

1. 12 Cats of Christmas


(I actually already have this book, so if you were thinking of getting it for me, sorry my neighbor beat ya to it last year)
Buy now!

2. Kitten Oven Mitt

Does she/he love cats? Does she/he love to cook? If you answered yes to both these questions than it would be a sin not to get them one of these. *hint hint, this is on my Pinterest Christmas list
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3. Jingle Bell Cat Collar

Don't want your cat going after the partridge in the pear tree? This cute and functional collar should do the trick! The bells will be festive, plus warn any unassuming birdies that your cat is coming!

4. Cat Lint Rollers
They say no outfit is complete without cat hair, but when your cat is white and your outfit is black, sometimes people judge you.
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5. Cat Butts Magnets
Your friend probably has cats instead of kids to make them homemade magnets for Christmas so this is the purrrfect gift
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6. Cat Fancy Subscription

You can send in pictures of your cutest kitties and win contests, see pictures of weird looking cats, and learn some cat facts! How do I know this? I used to be subscribed to this magazine.
Subscribe now!

7. Aristocats

Cats+ Disney, what could be better?
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8. A New Kitty!

If your friend already has all these gifts, then the no-fail gift, is another cat of course! Did you know having pets adds 5 years to your life. So have lots of pets, become immortal. Maybe.
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