Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Types of Facebook Notifications

The prolonged picture convo:
Maybe you started off in the conversation or maybe it's just one of your photos. This is most annoying when you don't even know the people who are having a conversation on the photo or when people are being weird and trying to flirt or something. What so you can be like, "oh yes children, your daddy first asked me out on a photo of a llama on Facebook. It was so cute. The conversation, and the llama too!" Please take your conversation to chat, please.

Game invites:
I think we all remember when FarmVille was a thing. Thank god I never joined that, I probably would have gotten addicted. But now Candy Crush is all the rage. I started playing and got to level 130 (on my phone) and my brother somehow convinced me to connect it to Facebook. But anyway I couldn't get passed this level so I got mad and deleted the app, but Facebook still sent me a million notifications every time my dad asked me to send him lives even though I told him I wasn' t playing anymore. Anyways, I just found out a couple days ago how to turn off these notifications and it's been the best thing since dried mangoes.

The tagged photos from last night:
Some people are super speedy in uploading photos from their phone and tag you in them right away. Usually this is okay because I am expecting what the photos are going to be. When it gets scary is when they do what I usually do, and wait an awkwardly long period of time to upload photos (I blame my phone because it doesn't sync to Facebook correctly so I have to email them to myself. lame.) and then before you look at the photos you have no clue what they are going to be of. Also I hate when people take candid photos of me or tag me when I am in the background of a photo because I usually look stupid. (If you look closely at the guy next to me, clearly we were making faces at something.)That is why I am glad my grandparents don't have Facebook because they always take pictures of me eating or in my pajamas or something.

Someone stalking your pics:
Now this can be fine or really creepy depending on who is liking your pics. For example, it's acceptable for your best friend to like all your profile pics and send you 100 notifications or find an old embarrassing picture of you that you left on before you learned how to un-tag yourself. When it gets creepy is when someone was clearly stalking you and you two aren't close enough for that to be an okay thing. If it continues and is followed by a creepy Facebook message, this usually leads to blocking on my part.

The Facebook group:
This is especially annoying when it is a group you can't really leave, or sometimes, like 1 out of 15 posts is actually something you need to pay attention to, so if you just turn off your notifications then you would probably never look at the group and miss out on everything then people would get mad at you and be like, didn't you know, I posted it on the Facebook group!

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