Friday, August 1, 2014

I don't want to be serenaded

If you are like me then you probably have no clue how to react to a compliment. Do you just say thank you? And then stare at each other? Do you compliment them back? But what if they have nothing you want to compliment? Should you say something sarcastic back? What if they don't get your sense of humor? Should you just stand there awkwardly? But maybe they will want to take back their compliment.

Everyone says they want to be serenaded but let's be honest isn’t that just a ginormous one sided compliment? And hasn't everyone kind of been serenaded by the acapella that is their friends slash family and or classmates or waiters at Red Robin? So maybe they aren't as on tune as these guys.

Most of the time this involves smiling and pretending that you’re not posing for your mom’s pictures and that you're actually ecstatic to be listening to this awesome rendition of happy birthday.

Being serenading becomes huge baggage. No one wants to be known as an ungrateful bitch, and everyone expects you two to be in love or something but what if you don't even like the guy and he happened to stop you on your way to lunch and you're honestly just really hungry and grumpy and then everyone expects you two to be in love even though you don't know the guy or how he even knew where you were going to be at that specific time.

But no, no one cares, because everyone else is so insanely jealous of you even though you would gladly switch places with them right now.

So yes, imagining INSERT FAVORITE SINGER HERE, serenading you seems wonderful, but think about it. If it really came down to it, what would you do with your hands?

Friday, January 3, 2014

My unrealistic expectations for going abroad based on the Lizzie McGuire Movie

Finding love. Sort of.
So since my name is Lizzy (and the spelling is just slightly off) that totally means I am going to relive the Lizzie McGuire movie and find an Italian popstar who will sweep me off my feet. Hopefully my Paolo won't turn out to be a lying lipsinger, but I mean love is blind, (to all those flaws), right?

During my study abroad meeting, my dreams were temporarily crushed when we were forced to write down NO MOPEDs (in caps) in our travel notes. But, as my friend pointed out, they actually said NO RENTING MOPEDs. So that means that I will still be able to ride one if an Italian boy got one for me.

Not gaining weight.
So I am hoping that all this touristy walking is going to prevent me from gaining the study abroad seventy. Oh man, I can't even imagine what I'd look like if I gained seventy pounds. Probably like this.

In this case I will probably eats carbs, even if an Italian boy doesn't buy them for me. Sorry, Kate, I don't have your discipline. I mean how could I resist fresh, homemade pasta...

or tiramisu...


I told myself I was going to eat healthier during Christmas break to compensate for the overeating that is going to occur for the next 5 months, but it's the holidays and I'm not going to say no to mom's mac and cheese or an extra slice of grandma's pie because that's just rude!

Not being an outfit repeater. Well, since we are only allowed to check one bag, to avoid the $10924932490 extra baggage fee, I guess I am going to have to repeat a lot of outfits. I've also done some research on WikiHow and other websites that popped up on Google on how to dress while I'm in Italy. Looks like sweatpants and sneakers aren't socially acceptable, but seeing how they aren't at my school either and I wear them anyway...we'll see how that goes.

According to this website I also need to make sure I don't have "dirty bra straps" since apparently tourists are known for having such things. Who knew.