Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Beautiful People of Teen Wolf.

A little late, but in honor of the season finale of Teen Wolf on Monday which by the way was totally fitting with the full moon. Now, also some more good news is that we don't have to wait until next summer for new episodes, thanks MTV!!!

Now while the acting of the MTV show Teen Wolf, may not be mesmerizing, the characters on the show sure are.

My favorite was Jackson, the token douche bag jock, but unfortunately he left after season 2. He's moved on to better things apparently (some show I've never heard of) and I'm not sure about his sexual orientation because of some modeling for a gay magazine he did, but oh well he's still nice to look at.

Lydia. And who said redheads weren't pretty? I never said that. And usually the stereotype is more true for "gingers" but Lydia doesn't have any freckles that I see which is one of the criteria for being a me, I've googled it.

Derek, although sometimes a little scary, is the tall, dark, and handsome guy I think Scott McCall thinks he is... He is mysterious and angsty and the bad boy we all have a spot in our hearts for. But now that he's no longer an Alpha, I don't know if this whole lack of power thing works for me.

Stiles. Whenever I try to describe Stiles or show someone a picture of him who doesn't watch Teen Wolf, they think I am joking. Maybe he's not the conventionally hot guy, but I am literally in love with his character. He is the witty and goofy, sometimes clueless, but genuine friend who you just wish you knew in real life.
Also I don't know why I keep picking GIFs of people eating apples...

Isaac's character is super random and at first I didn't really know why he's in the show, and sometimes I feel bad for him because he is kind of the outkast but I mean look at that face, who wouldn't want to be his friend? What is wrong with you Beacon Hills students??? Anyway, he seems like the kind of guy who doesn't know he's hot and get's kind of awkward in interviews when someone points that out. Also he has a British accent that he does a really bad job of hiding during the show.

Allison is the girl version of tall, dark and handsome plus she's BA going all hunger games and shit with that bow and arrow. At first she was a little annoying and couldn't stand up for herself, but she is getting more and more confidence and independence is hot!

Yup so, I'm pretty sure acting skills had nothing to do with getting on this show, more like hey, so can you guys take off your shirt. Okay, six pack, you're in.

Even their parents are hot. Can you say MILF? Like I think all of their parents had them at like 15.
Scott's mom

Also, more good news. Teen Wolf is now on Netflix so you can catch up before the second half of the season starts in January!

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