Friday, June 28, 2013

Featuring 3 Bachelors

Juan Pablo. Don't know if its the accent or the fact that he is a former pro soccer player. Every week I just prepare myself to see him get kicked off, since his only face time is the date he goes on for an advertisement for the Lone Ranger where he and Des are just making out in a barn.
Oh wait, there's this scene too.

He seems to just mutter some Spanglish occasionally and Des swoons over him, I mean I would too.
The only thing better than his abs.... his application questionnaire.

"What does your ideal mate look like?" JP: Fit body, good sized breasts, nice smile.
Way to be straightforward Juan Pablo! P.S. Des only has the first of those qualities.

"What is your favorite book?" JP: Don't read (gosh, we have so much in common)

Unfortunately in episode 4 it came to my attention that Juan Pablo's accent may be thicker than his...well...see for yourself...
Maybe it's just because Ben is bulging out of his speedo, but poor Juan Pablo looks more like a female swimsuit model.

Chris. The definition of tall, dark and handsome. But the first episode I had no idea who Chris was besides the fact that I remembered he was wearing purple socks. All of a sudden my twitter feed blows up with JHS alum Chris #jhshoorah #saderrumble #omghewenttomyschool. Had to google this of course and I find out he played baseball at Jesuit then at University of Portland (hence the purple socks?) and then for the Chicago Cubs minor league.

Also casually does some modeling on the side.

Even went back to Jesuit and yup, right there class of 2004. (He sure has blossomed since senior year.)

He and Des seem to have a lot of chemistry and have gone on several one-on-one dates. I project him going far since his poetry skills make Des cry, tears of happiness, I think?

Drew. So Drew is a model on the side too. His go to pose is the "oh man my head is super itchy and I need some Head and Shoulders, maybe no one will notice my dandruff if I take off my shirt."  Nice body, but a baby face.

I always found Drew to be a bit too feminine for my tastes and when he gathered the guys in the bedroom and was like, "this is important, I need to tell you something", I swore he was gonna announce that he was pregnant. He is the biggest gossiper in the house and looks like he's gonna turn out to be a tattle tale too.
What were you thinking with this outfit Drew? As I recall, you are on the bachelorette, you are not THE bachelorette.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Random advice #1: from a taxi driver

Some of the best advice I ever got was from this middle aged eastern European taxi driver who drove me to the airport at the end of my freshman year of college. At first he was kind of quiet and awkward but then just started talking, so I let him even though his car smelled weird and I kind of didn’t want to talk to him.

He told me that when you’re a  parent you just want to know that you did a good job raising your kids and you want them to listen to you and believe that their insight is good and right. He told me to listen to my parents and if they tell me how to do something or how to live my life I should tell them, "yes, you are right." Because they are right. Based on their experience and their beliefs, they are right. They are not lying to you. They honestly want the best for you. Plus that gives them the confidence that you care about what they are saying and how they are raising you.
BUT. Plot twist. Just because they tell you something, does not mean you actually have to do it. He didn’t mean to purposely defy your parents wishes aka drop out of school and become a thug. But you have the right to make your own decisions. You should listen to your parents and take into account their experiences and their knowledge. But ultimately your life is up to you. They raised you and hopefully you don’t think that killing babies is the right thing to do, but if you honestly think that, then all the power to you (actually you should probably get some help). He meant that only we can live our lives and sometimes we have to make the same mistakes others before us did in order to learn. And that's probably what our parents are trying to prevent. But that also means that they made these mistakes too, but they love us enough that they don’t want us to get hurt like they did. So listen to your parents, because they are older and wiser than us. But don’t let them control your life. Don’t let them tell you who you are or what to make of yourself. That is up to you. Hopefully you are a good person and give them the fulfillment that they have raised a good person because that’s all they have when they grow older. They want to know that they created a person who was meaningful in this world. They want to brag to their friends that their son or daughter is happy and successful. So, do it for yourself but also do it for your parents.